This Week’s Commentary – published after the close, December 1, 2006.

by JDH on December 2, 2006

This week, some winners, and some others, not so much.

The biggest winners, from our strong buys last week, were SGC.V – Sunridge Gold Corp, TVC.V – Tournigan Gold Corp., and UUU.V – UrAsia Energy Limited.

Less promising was PXP.TO – Pitchstone Exploration Limited – last week I expected a new high, but it closed down for the week; no longer a strong buy; it’s a hold to see what will happen, and may turn into a sell this week if it deteriorates.

I’ve added a new stock to the list – Denison Mines Inc.; I owned this one a year or so ago and haven’t owned it since; too bad, since it had a great run in November. I don’t plan to follow it, but there’s a chart on the Denison page for those who are interested.

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