Tournigan Gold Corp – Still a Strong Buy

by JDH on December 2, 2006

Recommendation: Strong Buy

Last week I said this:

Oh baby. New high after months of consolidation. We like that. We are buying…. I don’t do “picks of the week”, but if I did, this one would be it.

Sometimes I’m actually right. Tournigan Gold Corp closed last week at $3.17, which was a brand new high after a period of consolidation, which is why I liked it so much. As the chart below shows, it closed on December 1 at $3.49, for a nice little 10% profit on the week, exactly what we expect when a new high is made for the first time (which is why this site is called

I see no reason to sell, and I think there is still further upside, so this one is still a strong buy.


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