The Worst Week in American History?

by JDH on November 10, 2012

Here’s my question for you to ponder today: was last week the worst week in American history? I’m not referring to the results of the U.S. election. I realize that many Americans are either “red” or “blue”, and if your guy wins it’s a cause for celebration, and if your guy loses it’s the end of the world. As a Canadian I have a different view: it didn’t matter who won. They were both the same.

The U.S.A. has a massive debt, and a massive deficit. The boys and girls in Washington talk about the Fiscal Cliff, and one side wants to raise taxes on the rich, and the other side wants to cut spending, but they both know the mathematical truth: you could tax all millionaires 100% of their income each year, and it wouldn’t make much difference. To balance the budget you have to drastically cut present and future entitlements, which means cutting social security, medicaid, and future Obamacare. That’s not going to happen, because no politician can get re-elected cutting benefits. So there will be a deal to raise some taxes, and to cut some spending 10 years from now, but it won’t make much difference. America is headed off the Fiscal Cliff.

So if I’m not concerned about whether Psychopath A or Psychopath B won the election, why am I asking if it was the worst week in American history? Because historians may look back on last week as the culmination of a series of events that lead to the end of America.

America isn’t a country; it’s a concept. A bunch of people, mostly from Britain but later from every other country in the world came to what we now call America to escape oppressive taxation, and oppressive government interference. They wanted to live free, work hard, and share in the spoils of their work. At the start it was a great concept, but slowly, over time, government grew and grew, and now it’s not Americans that control America, it’s the elite: the government.

One could argue that September 11, 2001 was the worst day in America due to the terrorist attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. That’s a compelling argument, but I would argue that it’s not what happened on September 11 that was the low point, it was all of the years after. As a result of 9/11 the government was able to drastically curtail personal freedom. We now live in an Orwellian world where the Department of Homeland Security makes us less free.

I’m planning to travel to New York city next weekend. It’s a short trip, so I suggested to my wife that we just bring carry on luggage to save time at the airport. She disagrees, because in your carry on luggage you can’t have more than 100ml of fluids, so you are forced to repackage your face cream, hair gel and everything else in little containers, because we all know that face cream can be used to blow up a plane. So much for freedom. I’m sure when I get to the airport I’ll have to take off my shoes, because one guy tried to blow up a plane with his shoes. It’s ridiculous, but that’s what America has become.

As you will recall, 9/11 was a bunch of Saudi Arabians attacking America. So what did America do? They fought, and lost, two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To stop the terrorists. Or, more accurately, to save America from a great depression by creating billions of dollars of defense spending. So much for freedom.

The election was merely an extension America’s trajectory of decline. Neither candidate stood up and said “I will bring back all of our troops, and put them to work in America, building roads and bridges to help us.” Neither said that, because they are funded by the defense industry, and they all want to get re-elected. (Not to mention the drug industry, and a bunch of other industries).

And that’s why this was the worst week in American history. America just spent $6 billion on an election that changed nothing. Same President. Same Congress. Same Senate.

No ideas were shared. No plans were debated. We live in a negative campaign world, where the way to get elected is not to say why you would be a good leader, but instead to point out the faults in your opponent, and that’s sad.

But there’s another reason why this was a bad week for America: the media.

In 1776 the media was free, and worked hard to expose corruption and inform the people.

Today, all media is biased. On the left, MSBC are nothing more than an extension of the Obama campaign, and Fox News is similarly biased on the right. Fox News viewers were stunned that Romney lost, because they saw no chance that Obama could win.

The media on the left did all they could to get Obama re-elected. They ran stories about Romney’s wealth and tax returns, and they suppressed stories that would cast Obama in a bad light. And so it is no surprise that three days after the election we get the surprise resignation of CIA director David Petraeus. Here’s the timeline:

While he was General Petraeus, leading the forces in Afghanistan, he started an affair, apparently with a woman who was writing a biography about him. The affair lasted for a while, until she broke it off about the time he became CIA director. He wanted it to continue, and continued sending her e-mails. Apparently the FBI found out, and was monitoring the e-mails of the CIA Director! Of course no-one said anything, because if the news got out that a war hero, appointed by Obama to head the CIA, was having an affair, the negative publicity in war-loving America could have shifted the vote just enough to keep Obama from getting re-elected. So the FBI continued to spy on the CIA, and they waited until the election was over to expose an affair that ended last year to force Petraeus to resign. Brilliant.

And there’s an added benefit to the timing: Petraeus was scheduled to testify, behind closed doors, about the Benghazi attack next week. We all remember the sad story: a well coordinated group of armed soldiers stormed the U.S. Embassy in Libya, killing the American ambassador and three others. Not surprisingly the attack happened on September 11, so it was timed for the anniversary of 9-11, and it was well coordinated. There were reports that CIA operatives in Libya called Washington for help, but help was denied.

After the attack the White House originally said it was just a group of thugs protesting a You Tube video, because Obama didn’t want news to spread of a terrorist attack shortly before the election. Think about it: we all have to surrender our toothpaste and take off our shoes at the airport to stop terrorism, so the government has to show that it’s working. Admitting that terrorists can easily kill a U.S. Ambassador would make everyone realize that perhaps tubes of toothpaste are not our biggest problem.

And that’s why the testimony of Petraeus was so important. What did the administration know, and when did they know it? Did they know from Day One that it was obviously a terrorist attack, and they lied to save their skin? Or were they incompetent, not realizing that a well coordinated attack on 9-11 was not just the work of some gun toting yahoos? Either way, his testimony could be very damaging to the government, so it is very convenient that just after the election, and just before his testimony, news of an affair that ended last year is revealed, and he is forced to resign.

That’s why last week was a bad week for America. It’s a land where $6 billion is spent on an inconsequential election, and in the end the government, and the media, releases what they want us to hear, when they want us to hear it.

And the parade of sheep continues.

Oh well, at least my gold stocks are holding up well; at least the government can’t print that……….

Thanks for reading; I’ll report in from the Big Apple next week.

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