Getting Set for 2013 by Buying Gold Stocks

by JDH on December 29, 2012

With one trading day to go in 2012, this is my last weekly posting for 2012. Next week, once the year is officially over, I’ll provide some further comments, but the quick version is this: it wasn’t a year to write home about. The price of gold has increased, marginally, but gold stocks in general haven’t done much, so here we sit.

At this time of year I solicit your predictions for next year, so to win “bragging rights” (sorry, these ramblings are free, so there are no monetary prizes) you have two ways to enter (deadline for submissions is New Year’s Da:

First, you can go to the Buy High Sell Higher 2013 Predictions Board and post them for all to see.

Or, send an e-mail to: with the following information (just cut and paste this into your e-mail):

My Buy High Sell Higher Name:

The price of gold in $US dollars per ounce on the following dates will be:

March 31, 2013  $XXX

June 30, 2013 $XXX

September 30, 2013 $XXX

December 31, 2013 $XXX

The Dow will close at this level on these dates:

March 31, 2013  XXX

June 30, 2013 XXX

September 30, 2013 XXX

December 31, 2013 XXX

My top stock pick for 2013 is:

My other comments, predictions, or whatever are: 

You can check out everyone’s predictions from last year on the 2012 Predictions page (it would appear my predictions weren’t great); we’ll see how we do next year.

Buying Gold

Last week I mentioned The World Didn’t End – So Buy Gold?, and this week, I did. More specifically, I put in below market bids on a bunch of stocks, some of which I already own, and some are new. Here is a partial list of my purchases this week:

My strategy on all of these was the same: I placed below market orders, with an expiry of one month from now. So, if the market pulls back, I get filled. If it goes way up, so be it.

Some of these stocks are blue chip, dividend paying stocks; others are more speculative. Many of them I already own; some I’m averaging down, since they are cheaper than when I originally invested. As I will discuss in my predictions next week, I expect gold to continue to increase in value, so buying on dips makes sense. (Getting dividends is even better).

More next week, but since this is the holiday season, I shall leave it at that.

Thanks for reading, Happy New Year, and see you next week with a review of last year’s predictions, and a preview of 2013.