Report from Kentucky

by JDH on April 22, 2017

I have spent the last few days in Kentucky, so having not followed the markets this week, I will give you a very brief report on Kentucky itself.  Here’s the short version: from an uninformed tourist’s perspective, (so this assessments is most certainly incorrect), Kentucky is in fine shape.

We drove down from Ontario (because who in their right mind would fly on an airplane to the USA unless absolutely necessary; invasive security, overbooked planes, etc.) through Detroit.  Michigan, if you can judge a state by their roads, is in bad shape.  Rough roads, a bit of a mess.

The situation improves noticeably when you hit Ohio, although there is lots of construction through Toledo, so the jury is still out.

Once you hit Kentucky the roads are even better.  They appear brand new.  I’ve been in the Louisville area, and I will admit that I have not sought out the seedier areas of town, but around the airport, and east of Louisville, the roads are in great shape, the grass is green, and even some of the roses are starting to bloom.  And yes, I get it, it’s the peak of spring here; I’m sure in the dead of summer after a few weeks of hundred degree days my impressions would be different.

When the residents hear you are from Canada they all say “oh, we would love to move there, we love your Prime Minister, and we are sorry about Trump”.  (Of course Kentucky voted for Trump, but that’s another story for another time).

Louisville has the UPS hub, so you see and hear their planes all the time.  There appears to be lots of other industry as well.

So what does this mean?

I have no idea.  I just report what I’ve seen, but based on my short visit to Kentucky, it does not appear that the end of America is near.

Thanks for reading.  Back to our regular programming next week.