Will Trump with the Nobel Peace Prize?

by JDH on September 23, 2017

Occasionally I like to put a title on a post that makes people think “that guy is nuts”, or “that guy understands the term clickbait“.  Guilty on both counts, but for the record, how many wars has Trump started (this week)?  I’m not predicting he will win any prizes, but I do think his handling of the North Korea situation is great theater.

Trump one the election, in part, by A-B testing many descriptive insults for his opponents, until he found the one that stuck, and then he hammered away at Low Energy Jeb, and Lyin Ted, and Crooked Hillary.  The insults worked, because they were visual, and easy to understand.  Every time you looked at Jeb Bush, who speaks in a calm and measured tone, you think “he is kinda low energy”.

And now we have Rocket Man.

Yes, it’s an insult, and as with all of Trump’s previous efforts it’s visual, and funny.  The little dictator is a Rocket Man.  Funny.

But wait, you say, won’t these insults lead to world war?


The Rocket Man isn’t totally crazy.  He was educated in Switzerland, and even though he is young (two years younger than Britney Spears, apparently), he knows what he has to do: protect his country, which is surrounded by “enemies” that could obliterate him in an instant.

So if you were the dictator of a small, backward country, and you wanted to keep your job, how could you keep the much more technologically advance countries of South Korea and Japan away?


Shoot some rockets into the sea near their countries, and let it be known that they might be nuclear.

Is South Korea going to attack?  Of course not.  If Rocket Man really does have rockets, that would be suicide.

Is Rocket Man going to attack?  Of course not.  That would also be suicide.

If the robber breaks into my house and sees me pointing a semi automatic weapon at him, he runs, and he stays away.  That’s what the Rocket Man is doing.  Scaring others so they stay away.

And what about Trump?


He has no reason to attack a country on the other side of the world.  North Korea is no threat to the USA.  Even if they could shoot a rocket that far, presumably the USA has technology to shoot it down, so there is no risk.  But of course you can’t show fear to the robber, so you should back.

If both parties are shouting, and trading insults, and shooting rockets into the sea, they are not also starting wars.  Keep the yelling going, I say.  That’s the best way to prevent war.

And if I was the Rocket Man, just before I was about to launch another rocket, I would buy gold futures, and then when the price bounces I would sell them, and then go short gold, and be quiet for a week or two to let the futures slip back, and then I’d cash in my shorts, take the profit, go long, launch another rocket, and do it all over again.  A half decent trader can pay for all of these rockets-into-the-sea with profits from gold trading.


Probably, but who knows?

All I know is that when gold eases off I buy NUGT, and when it goes up I sell my NUGT and buy JDST.  I can’t time it close to perfectly, since I’m not the Rocket Man, but it’s been relatively easy pickings the last few weeks.

Gold traders get rich, and when no wars happen Trump gets his prize.

Perhaps I’m spending too much time in this Ontario heat wave and my mind has gone to mush.

Let’s hope that by next weekend I have a return to sanity.  See you then.