Random Thoughts

by JDH on November 18, 2017

I realize it’s only November, and I realize gold had a good week, but today I will simply give you my random thoughts on what to look for in 2018.

My guess, at the moment, is that the “go to” investments in 2018 will be, in no specific order:

  • gold
  • crypto currencies
  • block chain companies
  • cannabis stocks

There you go.  Plan accordingly.

By crypto currencies I don’t necessarily mean “bitcoin”.  It has obviously had a great year, and I assume it will continue to increase in price, but I also believe other crypto currencies (like ethereum) will also do well.  The biggest reason for a big 2018 is that here in 2017 it is still cumbersome for the average person to buy bitcoin et al.  You need to register at an exchange, which can take a week or more, fund it, and then decide how to actually store your currency.  You don’t want to store it at the exchange, because it could get hacked, so you have to store it locally, on your computer (which could get hacked or suffer a hard drive malfunction), or in a special wallet, which is not intuitive.

If in 2018 we have ETFs or mutual funds or easy to use exchanges to that the average investor can invest, the price will go ballistic.

Bitcoin is built on block chain technology, which can be used in many other applications, none of which are mainstream, yet.  There are blockchain companies appearing, and most of them will go bust, just like the dot com companies in 2000.  Some will survive.  If you can find the winners, there is money to make.

In Canada, marijuana becomes legal, sort of, on July 1, 2018.  We do not have the capacity to meet demand from regulated suppliers, so those that are early to the game, and have the capital, technology and expertise to make it work, will do very well.  As with the dot com boom, most cannabis companies will fail.

For the record, I don’t own any crypto currencies, I have no block chain investments, and I’m not a smoker, but that does not mean there are not investment implications to all of this.

Where should you invest?  I’m not sure, yet, but I’m doing my research, and hope to have some interesting investments on the go in 2018.

Stay tuned.