American Thanksgiving

by JDH on November 24, 2018

It’s what we in Canada call the “American” Thanksgiving, although I assume Americans just refer to it as “Thanksgiving”.  I worked all day Thursday so missed the day football games.  Next year I will have to remember to book the day off.

The stock market did the same, with nothing much happening, but here’s my gut feel:

The excesses in the pot market are gone, so it’s likely we have bounced off the bottom.  There may be some tax loss selling for people who bought at the top, but I assume most shares are now in steady hands, so it looks to me like a good buy point.  I assume in 2019 the feds in the US will say “let the States handle it”, and if marijuana is no longer illegal at the federal level, it could be boom times ahead.

So, I’m not selling, I’m holding.

Short and quick, that’s where we are at, more next week.