At Least the Days are Getting Longer

by JDH on December 22, 2018

Always look on the bright side, my mother always said.  The markets appear to be firmly in bear market territory.  On Friday, the stocks that have held this market up for years, like Google (Alphabet) and Facebook, were making 52 week lows.  It’s not looking good.

So what’s the bright side?

In the Northern Hemisphere we have now had the shortest day of the year (when measured by hours of sunlight), so it’s all good from here.

More good news: if you are reading this, you are still alive, and kicking, so that’s good.

Yes, it is true that our portfolios have gotten hammered this year.

I started buy cannabis stocks in 2016, many in private placements so I was not able to sell them when the market peaked at the end of the summer.  They have crashed since then (although since I bought early I am still up on most of them).  In hindsight, I should have sold everything I could.

Gold has shown a tiny bit of life recently, but it’s also experienced a prolonged bear market.

And with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and almost everything else down substantially from the highs, it is not a pretty picture.

So here’s the question you have to ask yourself:

Is it all over?

Has the mountain of debt we have all accumulated finally come back to bite us in the butt?

Is a recession looming?

Or, is this like every other correction over the last 10 years?

It’s not like the market is back to year 2000 levels; it’s only back to 2017 levels.

Fortune favors the bold; perhaps now that there is blood in the streets it’s time to buy?  Pick up some great deals?

That’s the question I will ponder as I eat Christmas turkey.

Merry Christmas to all; more next week.