Great week for pot stocks

by JDH on January 26, 2019

On Monday January 21, my favorite pot stock, TGOD.TO – The Green Organic Dutchman, traded as low as $2.80.  On Friday it traded as high as $3.85.  That’s a swing of over 35% in a week.  Not bad.

They have announced a new joint venture.

(Not that kind of joint; I’m not making puns here; this is serious).

They are also spinning off their TGOD Acquisition Corporation which holds investments in the cannabis industry that are unrelated to their core operations.  It’s a strategy to unlock value for shareholders.  Makes sense.

I don’t expect 35% increases each week, and the stock is likely due for a profit taking pullback, but I believe the weakness at the end of 2018 is over, the weak hands are gone, and 2019 will be a very profitable year.


The slow motion train wreck that is Tesla continues.  From a double top around $377 in December, it crashed down to $280 on January 23, before recovering to just under $300 to close the week.

Sales are collapsing, they are laying off workers, and their cars don’t work.  That’s not a growth scenario, and with a market capitalization similar to General Motors, that actually makes cars, this stock is grotesquely over valued.

I’ve closed out my puts (at a profit), and will likely reopen my position next week, and ride it to the bottom.  Jaguar and Porsche have much better luxury products, so the end is near.

That’s the update.

More next week.