The Verdict on January: Great!

by JDH on February 2, 2019

No complaints from this end; the weather was frigid at the end of the month, but portfolio performance was fantastic.

Pot stocks: up

Gold stocks: up


Does January action imply that 2019 will be a great year?  No.  All we know is that January was good.  Gold is far below it’s highs from a few years ago, and pot stocks are well below their highs from September, so we have a long way to run before we even get back close to those levels.  I’m holding, at least for another month, at which point I will reevaluate and decide on next steps.

The logical strategy would be to start liquidating now, perhaps by selling 10% of the stock each time it goes up by some set amount (say 10%).

For example, TGOD.TO – The Green Organic Dutchman, IPO’d at $3.65 in May 2018, bounced to $10 in September, and by Christmas was down to $2.20.  But, January has been great, with the stock peaking over $4 earlier this week, before settling in at around the $3.65 IPO price.  Could it run to $4?  $5?  $10?  Yes, it’s done it before.

So, the prudent strategy is to sell 10% at $4, 10% at $5, and so on, and then blow out the rest at $10.  Or, do what many are doing and sell the stock, but ride the warrants.

Me?  For now, I’m holding.  When we see $5 again I’ll give it some thought.

For gold, the same.  We are early in this bull cycle, so I see no need to jump off the ship at this point.

Steady has she goes.

More next week.