by JDH on February 9, 2019

Not much happened this week.  January was a great month, February has started with nothing remarkable to report.

A quiet period can be followed by a bang, or a whimper.

My guess is that we are catching our breath before another run higher.  Seems crazy given our level of debt, but that’s how this feels right now.

President Trump’s State of the Union speech accomplished what he wanted: he seemed reasonable, he got the Democrats to clap for his obvious applause lines, and both the politicians and the public are likely favorably disposed to a deal on the border and the budget.

So, I hereby predict that some kind of deal will be announced to avert a government shut down on February 15.  That will be followed, before the summer, by good news in North Korea, and good news in the Middle East.  That will be the impetus to keep the stock market moving higher.

But, gold is also looking not bad, so I could be totally wrong.

I’m holding Stelco, gold stocks, and pot stocks, in the anticipation of brighter days ahead.

We shall see if I’m right.

More next week.

(And Tesla is still going bankrupt, eventually).