The start of something?

by JDH on January 15, 2022

Are we at the start of a change in the market?  Is the general market finally approaching a top?

Possibly.  It does not appear that governments have the will, or the ability, to print money at the same pace they did in 2020 and 2021, and that money printing is all that is keeping the market afloat.

It also appears that wages, while growing, are growing at a rate slower than the growth in inflation, so the small retail investor doesn’t have the extra cash necessary to pump the crypto market.  Or GME.

Will that change?

I have no idea.

My long term thesis continues to be that Bitcoin will continue to grab a share of the “store of value” market.  Even a small share sends Bitcoin much higher, so if you have a long term perspective, Bitcoin is more attractive now than it was when it was trading at an all time high.

Take that advice for what it’s worth.  (Not much, likely).

I also believe the current wave of the virus will likely peak before the end of January, so that may or may not help the economy.

I will continue to monitor, and let you know if I have any actual insights.

Stay warm.