Richmanch 2009 Predictions

Predicted by Richmanch:

The Price of Gold Will Be:

Price of Gold
Date Price per Ounce $US
March 31, 2009
$ 1,100
June 30, 2009
$ 1,100
September 30, 2009
$ 1,200
December 31, 2009
$ 1,500

The DOW will close at:

Date DOW Close
March 31, 2009
June 30, 2009
September 30, 2009
December 31, 2009

My Top Stock Picks for 2009 are:

GERN, URE  & the etf’s: TAN, HEU, UYG

My Other Predictions for 2009 are:

The Giants will win the Super Bowl again (they’ll beat the Colts).

I think buying into the market—energy stocks in particular—on weakness will prove to be very smart in the intermediate term. It’s not impossible that we’d have to wait longer.

Full Disclosure:

Here’s how I did in 2008:

Approximately a 25 % loss

Not good but could have been worse. I have four different accounts, and don’t keep exact track. I would estimate that I’m down 25% on the year. This reflects the fact that I waited until this year to unload some of my uranium losses (I had a decent net gain in 07).

Best moves: shorting oil stocks in July. selling virtually all uraniums at the end of May—the precise peak. Staying 50% cash give or take.

Worst moves: buying back into uraniums in Sept and Oct. Buying Washington Mutual.