Uranium and Bitcoin

September 11, 2021

I haven’t mentioned the word “uranium” on this website in over 10 years.  A decade.  I lost spoke of uranium in my post on March 14, 2011: Cameco: Why I Started Buying Uranium Stocks Today.  (As a side note, it’s surprising that I have recorded my thoughts for well over 10 years).  What’s changed over […]

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The Fight for $50,000

September 4, 2021

As I write this, just before 8:00 am on Saturday morning, September 4, Bitcoin is trading around $50,000 USD. Looking back to the start of the year, there is a clear area of support and resistance in the $46,000 to $52,000 range, which leads to the obvious question: which way will Bitcoin break?  On March […]

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Lots of Bitcoin Charts

August 28, 2021

The general stock market keeps hitting new highs, which is nice, so hopefully you have most of your money in stocks that are going up.  For example, I own ZEB.TO, a fund that holds the six largest Canadian banks, and it’s done great, and pays a dividend, but there’s not much to say about that, […]

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September Surprise Incoming?

August 21, 2021

I realize it is only August 21, so perhaps it is premature to be pondering a “September surprise”, but historically the months of September and October are often months where the Big Crash occurs, so now is the time to ponder that possibility. This is true of stocks, but is also true for commodities, like […]

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Stawks at Record Highs

August 13, 2021

What more can I say?  The Delta variant is raging, unemployment remains high, debt levels are soaring, but stonks are at record highs! All is good! No worries! We’ve got a federal election coming up in Canada in September, the Natural Ruling Party is likely to be re-elected to a majority government, at which point […]

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Stocks at All Time Highs, Bitcoin Surging, Gold Crushed

August 7, 2021

It is not surprising that the DOW closed at 32,508 on Friday, yet another all-time high.  That is exactly what you would expect with the U.S. (and Canadian) governments printing billions of dollars a week.  It’s not surprising at all.  The money has to go somewhere. It is also not surprising that Bitcoin, as I […]

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I’m Back!

July 31, 2021

As you may have noticed, Buy High Sell Higher experienced some technical difficulties over the last few weeks.  Apparently a bunch of malware got onto to the site, and when I did a routine upgrade of the software it broke, and the only solution was to delete everything, and re-install the site contents from a […]

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Fun to Watch

June 26, 2021

Is there a more interesting show on the markets today than Gamestop?  Here’s the chart for Friday June 25, 2021: Cool, eh?  It spiked slightly higher at the open, then dropped all day, bottoming out at $198.50 around 3:30 pm, and then accelerated into the close, closing at $209.55.  That’s a gain of 5.5% in […]

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The Dog Days of Summer – Part 1

June 19, 2021

I realize that it is not technically summer, yet, so this will be the first of no doubt many posts where I describe the nothingness that is the market these days. Nothing is happening. Even Gamestop has grown boring, with not much action this week. Sad. Bitcoin is in a consolidation phase. Gold is in […]

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Gamestop Craziness

June 12, 2021

With crypto and gold stuck in a range, and with the DOW not having made a new high since the beginning of May, today’s discussion topic: is the action in Gamestop (GME) the sign of a top? If the government stops printing money the markets will crash (stock market, housing market, lumber market, cryptos, etc.), […]

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