Are we approaching a top in the uranium market?

by JDH on December 20, 2006

It’s no secret that uranium stocks were the big winner in 2006; will that stellar performance continue in 2007?  Or are we near a top?

Obviously there is always the risk of corrections, so investors should be on the look-out for a top.  One of the signs of a top is that everyone discovers the market (by which time it’s too late).  Internet stocks were great investments in 1998, but by 2000 when everyone was buying them, it was too late.

There has been virtually no media coverage of the uranium market, so we are still early in this bull market.  However, today, the Globe & Mail published a story on the uranium market, and mentioned many of the stocks we follow in this blog.  You can attempt to access the article at .

We will keep an eye on the media; if stories like this begin to appear frequently, it will be time to start taking money off the table.

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