Where to Store Physical Gold and Silver

Now that you own physical gold or silver, the next problem becomes: where to store it. There are a number of options. Obviously leaving it on your kitchen counter is probably not a good idea. Here are the basics behind storing physical gold:

1 Most importantly, tell no-one that you have physical gold. This is not the sort of thing you want to brag about to your friends in a noisy bar one night. (That’s the kind of bar where you go to drink, not the much less dangerous gold bar kind of bar). If no-one knows you have it, no-one will be looking for it.

2 Be creative. Leaving gold bars in your sock drawer is not a good idea. A common house thief knows to look there, so be more creative than that. A safe in an attic, a garage, or some out of the way place makes more sense.

3 Don’t store it all in one place. Have some in your house, some at work, and most of it in safety deposit boxes at banks or other secure locations. The really paranoid will want to store some in a far away country (presumably the country you will be escaping to if the government collapses in your home country).

4 Finally, at least a portion of your gold should be accessible in an emergency.

If you have more thoughts on where to store physical gold, please post a comment below.