Is Santoy set for a big increase? Will Dines advise buying?

by JDH on December 21, 2006

There has been some interesting action in uranium stocks today. As I write this, around 3:30 pm Eastern, most uranium stocks on my screen are down (which is not surprising, given the recent increases). However, one of the stocks we follow is up by over 8%:

SAN.V – Santoy Resources Ltd. is up, which begs the question: why? I have no idea, but one possible explanation is that tomorrow’s The Dines Letter may be adding this stock to their recommended list, as discussed here previously, so some speculators may be buying Santoy in anticipation of this. Of course if this theory is correct, I would also expect, CXX.V – Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp. and MAW.V – Mawson Resources Ltd. to also be up, and they aren’t, so I could be wrong.

I guess we will know more after the close tomorrow.

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