Bitterroot Resources – What Was I Thinking?

by JDH on December 23, 2006

The chart doesn’t look great:


Bitterroot reached a high of $0.89 on April 19 then corrected to $0.32 on September 15, before increasing back to $0.78 on November 27, and has since corrected to close at $0.63.

I paid 71 cents, so I am sitting on a lose, which is never a good thing.  What was I thinking?  I’m not sure.

The double top (see the red line in the chart) was an obvious negative.  However, it appears we are now correcting down to the uptrend line, so I guess, given this is a small holding, I will keep holding.

In the future, I think I should stick to my buy high sell higher philosophy…..

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