Ur-Energy, Inc. – Breaking Down?

by JDH on December 23, 2006

The one year year chart appears to be breaking down:


However, here’s a chart for the last three months:


To help me out, I asked my son for his thoughts; here is what he said:

“The chart is going up, from $2.80 to $3.20, and then it goes up even more on a track for $3.50.  Then it peaked at $4.60 and then it went down to $3.80.  The chart is really breaking down, going down a lot.  You should be selling it.”

Now my son is 8 years old, and he is correct that the chart is breaking down.  However, it appears there is support around $3.50, so I plan to hold to see what happens.  If it falls below $3.50, that may be a sign that my son is correct and it’s time to sell.  Let’s watch for a week and let’s see what happens.

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