This Week’s Commentary – March 24, 2007 – All is well

by JDH on March 24, 2007

This week I have decided to keep my comments brief, since we have already had some detailed discussions this week, and since nothing has changed substantially since last week.. There were two significant events this week.

First, my portfolio was up, which is good. I’m now up 6.1% on the year. Not great, buy acceptable.

Second, PNP.TO – Pinetree Capital Corp. released their earnings. You can read my detailed comments that I published on March 21. I also suggest you read everyone else’s comments over on the Buy High Sell Higher Forum. The bears appear to be in control on the Forum, suggesting, as I did this week, that Pinetree is looking toppy. Of course this week all of the bears were wrong; the market likes Pinetree.

Will it like it next week? Time will tell. Please keep the discussion going, but let’s stick to the facts (I don’t like name calling; I have no problem with disagreements over facts, but you can’t disagree with someone’s opinion; I will start editing or deleting posts if they get overly nasty).

Next week is the end of the first quarter, so sometime around April 1 or April 2 I plan to review all of the stocks on my watch list, and see if some re-balancing is in order. As always, all thoughts are welcome.

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