Hathor and Azimut – Two New Stocks

by JDH on March 31, 2007

I am adding two new uranium stocks to my portfolio.

As I searched the internet for information about uranium companies, I found this article written by Doug Casey.

NOTE: In the interests of full disclosure, I have never subscribed to any of Mr. Casey’s newsletters, although I am considering it. Since I know my readers will be quite upset (and justifiably so) if I start “giving away” recommendations that his subscribers are paying a lot of money for, let me state again that I am taking these stocks from a freely available article he wrote, not from a newsletter I am paying for. You can read the article here.

Of course I don’t just take other people’s recommendations; I like to read about them myself, and check out the charts. Mr. Casey mentions many stocks in the above noted article; I have picked the two I like.

The first is HAT.V – Hathor Exploration Limited. The company’s prime focus currently rests in several substantial land holdings with Uranium potential in prospective uranium bearing areas of Western Canada. In the Athabasca Basin the company holds several large claim blocks near some of the world’s most productive uranium deposits. You can read more on the Hathor web site.

They have properties near JNN.V – JNR Resources Inc., which has been a big winner for us, and as JNR increases it’s reserves, other companies in the area should also benefit. Also, I like the chart:


The RSI has passed above the 50 line, the MACD is in good territory, it’s down from it’s highs so hopefully the consolidation has ended. I’m only putting a small amount of capital in initially; hopefully I can average up later.

My next pick is AZM.V – Azimut Exploration, Inc., a mineral exploration company currently focused on Quebec properties. You can read more on the Azimut web site. The chart also looks good:


The RSI is crossing the 50 level, so I’m assuming the consolidation is ending. Again, I’m not putting significant dollars into this one; I’ll buy more as it makes a new high. Time will tell if these are wise decisions.