The End of the World, Part 1

by JDH on March 3, 2012

This will not be the fifth week in a row where I’ve gone with a one word title for my weekly disjointed ramblings.  Instead, today, we discuss the end of the world, which may or may not happen this week.

Here in southern Ontario it certainly feels like the end of the world.  I was up most of the night listening to the howling winds, which were gusting at over 100 km/h all night long.  (For those of you who don’t speak metric, that’s about 60 miles per hour).  All of our trees are where they should be, but I suspect if I was to venture into town there would be many downed branches, and other assorted debris.  It would look like the end of the world.

If you are a Toronto Maple Leafs fan you are awaking to the news that Ron Wilson was fired as the coach on Friday, so for him it probably seems like the end of the world.  No Leafs fan will be sorry to see him go.  He always acted like a prick when dealing with the media, always giving the impression that he was the smartest guy in the room.  He wasn’t.  The Leafs haven’t made the playoffs in the four years of his “leadership”, which is embarrassing in a league when almost every team makes the playoffs.  (And yes, for you grammar lovers, the plural of Leaf is Leafs, in this case, not leaves.  I don’t know why.  It just is).

But I’m not here to discuss leaves blowing in the wind.

(Sorry, I can’t come up with good puns after a night of no sleep).

I’m here to discuss the end of the world as warned by our good friends Clif High of HalfPastHuman, and George Ure of Urban Survival. (They aren’t really my friends; I’ve never met them or talked to them, but stay with me on this one).

Clif does something called “Predictive Linguistics”, which is a really fancy computer program where he scans the internet for changes in language, and uses it to predict the future.  His theory is that as humans we can sense changes, and our language and behavior changes the future, although individually we may not realize it.

There is some logic to his thinking.  If I sense that the wind is picking up, I can stay inside, so I don’t get hit with a tree and die by going outside.  I sensed the future, and modified my actions to impact my future.  If we all start using the words “wind” and “death” that may impact our collective consciousness.

Or not.  I’ve read many of Clif’s reports, and they all read like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, and in hindsight they can be made to mean anything.

If I tell you that the “lady with the blue hair will break”, what does that mean?  In hindsight you would say, “oh, that was a prediction that Katy Perry, who has died her hair blue, was going to break off her marriage with Russell Brand.”

Sure, let’s go with that, or that could just be a case of fitting the data to fit the prediction.

For at least the last year or two George, who writes a daily column which you can read for free at  Urban Survival has been warning that Clif’s work indicates a period of “release language” due during the period of March 2 to around March 15, 2012.  “Release language” is analogous to holding your breath in anticipation, and then releasing it when the reason for your angst is revealed.

More specifically, they are predicting that many “secrets will be revealed” and will come into the collective consciousness.

What secrets?  Who knows.

Perhaps it will be revealed that there is life on other planets, and they’ve been here and watching us for quite some time.

Perhaps that crazy 79 year old sheriff in Arizona who has been probing Obama’s past will convince people that Obama wasn’t born in the USA, or that he has ties to bad people, or whatever.

Perhaps the secrets revealed will be more mundane, like the knowledge that the Federal Reserve really doesn’t have any gold to back the currency (which wouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone reading this blog).

The problem with being a conspiracy theorist is that everything could be a conspiracy. Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart last week said he would be releasing damaging tapes about Obama’s past.  This week he dropped dead at the age of 43 while walking home from a bar.  Does that mean he was killed to stop the release of the tapes? Perhaps.  It could also mean that a somewhat over-weight 43 year old with a history of heart problems shouldn’t be out having drinks in bars at midnight.  He should be home in bed, after having eaten a healthy meal, and gone for a walk in the neighborhood after dinner, not after midnight.  But of course I know nothing of this situation, so I shouldn’t even be speculating.

It’s quite possible that many secrets will be revealed in the coming weeks.  My guess:

The world will gradually clue in to the fact that the market’s increase over the last year has been due entirely to money printing.  The Fed prints money, loans it to banks at near zero interest rates, and banks invest it in bonds, T-Bills, and the stock market.  An endless supply of money will keep inflating the paper value of things.

However, the Chinese and many mid-East countries are moving away from the dollar, so that game won’t be able to be played forever.  The gig may soon be up.

So, as I await the end of the world, I am more than half in cash, and if we see another “flash crash” in the coming weeks I’ll deploy the cash in physical precious metals and/or beaten down mining shares, and ride the wave.

And no, I don’t really think the world will end.  If the wind dies down I plan to attend PDAC on Sunday to see if I can glean any knowledge about where we are going.  Which I why I look forward to digitally chatting with you all next week.

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