Good Shorting Opportunity for Tesla

by JDH on June 8, 2019

The Tesla bulls are saying “what a great week!”  From a low of $177 on Monday to a high over $210 on Thursday and Friday, Tesla is back, baby!

Yeah, no.

Despite a bump this week, the chart remains dismal.

This dog is almost dead.  Yes, the pump and dump guys did the “pump” this week, forcing some shorts to cover, but that now means they can short from a higher level, and make more money next week.

If Tesla closes above $240 then perhaps the bulls can regain control, but I doubt it.  I had very few puts at the start of the week, I bought more on Friday.

In other news, gold is looking good, so we’ll discuss that next week.

The weather is good here in southern Ontario, so no point in being in front of a computer, so that’s it for today.

More next week.