I Have Nothing to Report

by JDH on November 11, 2023

My post last week describing how to play the crash in interest rates has worked out well, but one week is not a trend, and interest rates did tick up at the end of the week, so let’s not draw any conclusions yet.

We are clearly in a recession or close to it.  I won’t bore you with the charts, but look at what’s happening with copper, oil, nickel, palladium, etc., and it’s obvious that the trend is down.

Bitcoin is interesting.  It’s up 40% in the last month.


Is this the start of a new bull run?  Or is it the hype surrounding the inevitable approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, and everyone is front-running it?  If so, this could be a near term top, and it’s time to sell.  I have no idea, so I’m staying on the sidelines.

Hopefully next week I’ll having something more intelligent to share.