JDH 2009 Predictions

I have posted my detailed thoughts on the main blog. Here is a numerical summary of my predictions for 2009:

The Price of Gold Will Be:

Price of Gold
Date Price per Ounce $US
March 31, 2009
$ 1,200
June 30, 2009
$ 1,800
September 30, 2009
$ 2,200
December 31, 2009
$ 2,000

The DOW will close at:

Date DOW Close
March 31, 2009
June 30, 2009
September 30, 2009
December 31, 2009

My Top Stock Picks for 2009 are:

I like the big gold stocks:

ABX.TO – Barrick Gold Corp.

AEM.TO – Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.

K.TO – Kinross Gold Corp.

G.TO – Goldcorp Inc.

And I like silver stocks:

PAA.TO – Pan American Silver Corp.

SLM.TO – Silver Wheaton Corp.

SSO.TO – Silver Standard Resources, Inc.

And, since I think there is more market volatility to the downside, I also like:

RSW – Rydex Inverse 2X S&P ETF

Silly Predictions for 2009, that have nothing to do with anything:

  • The most hated man on this blog for the last year has been James Dines, creator of The Dines Letter. His “hold” strategy throughout the collapse cost his subscribers all of their gains, and then some. Most readers of this blog have already cancelled their subscriptions. However, even a stopped clock is right twice a day (if you can remember back to the time when clocks weren’t digital), and it’s likely that his stocks will come back into favour, so I predict that by the end of 2009 there will be articles in the press, and on the Forum, calling Dines a “genius” and one of the top newsletter performers of 2009.
  • I also predict that Britney Spears will make a comeback, so you can take my Dines prediction for what it’s worth.
  • Governor Blagojevich will be required to cut his hair once he’s in jail.
  • Oprah will be named to fill Obama’s Senate seat.

Full Disclosure:

Here’s how I did in 2008: down 41%, so clearly I know nothing about nothing.