The Dog Days of Summer – Part 1

by JDH on June 19, 2021

I realize that it is not technically summer, yet, so this will be the first of no doubt many posts where I describe the nothingness that is the market these days.

Nothing is happening.

Even Gamestop has grown boring, with not much action this week.


Bitcoin is in a consolidation phase.

Gold is in a consolidation phase.

The market is I don’t know what.

So, since I don’t know what’s happening, I’ll say no more, and hopefully figure it out at some point.

Thanks, and see you next week.

Gamestop Craziness

by JDH on June 12, 2021

With crypto and gold stuck in a range, and with the DOW not having made a new high since the beginning of May, today’s discussion topic: is the action in Gamestop (GME) the sign of a top?

If the government stops printing money the markets will crash (stock market, housing market, lumber market, cryptos, etc.), but whether or not Gamestop is a harbinger of that action is another story entirely.

For those who have not followed the story, Gamestop is a collection of bricks and mortar retail gaming stores, where teenagers and young people can go and buy a video game.  At the start of the year GME was trading around $17, because everything is on-line, and no-one goes to a store to buy a physical video game.  The hedge funds knew this, so they have aggressively shorted the stock, on the assumption that they will get a big payout when the company inevitably goes bankrupt.

But that’s not how the story has unfolded.

The “apes” on Reddit (a term of endearment for young daytraders) decided to mount a short squeeze, and they drove the price up to $483 on January 28, 2021, a 2700% increase in a month.  Not bad.  By February 19 GME was back to $38, and it appeared that the shorts had won, and the squeeze was over.

Except it wasn’t.

By March 10 GME was back to $345, and it dipped around and hi $345 again on June 8.  It closed the week at $233, so volatility is the watch-word, but it has been fun to watch.

To state the obvious point: I do not consider GME to be an “investment”, and I am not betting the family farm on it.  By next Tuesday GME could easily be $38 again.  Or $500.  I don’t know.

It is however interesting to observe the growing public realization that the markets are rigged, and the Big Boyz can “naked short”, selling shares they don’t own to kill a company, and there are no repercussions.

I hope the GME boys win this battle, because naked shorting is not good, but we shall see.

And if you really want to play this, here’s how I would do it, if I had money I wanted to gamble:

Buy some shares on a down day (like Friday).  Wait two days until an up day, and then either sell your shares, or do a covered write on them.  The premiums are crazy.

I suspect that on Monday you will be able to sell a call option, expiry four days later on Friday, or an option $40 out of the money, for something like $30.  That’s crazy.  With those kind of premiums, you want to be a seller of options, not a buyer.

Unless the stock crashes and you get wiped out, in which case it was a stupid strategy.

Govern yourselves accordingly.  See you next week.

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June 5, 2021

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Mid Month Update

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Has Gold Bottomed? Has Bitcoin Topped?

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