The Turn in Gold?

April 7, 2018

Could be.  I don’t know, but it could be. NUGT performed well last week, and this week will be a turning point, as either the uptrend or downtrend line will be violated, which should tell us what happens next. We are entering a seasonally good time for gold, so my bet would be on a […]

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Is the Bottom in For Gold?

March 31, 2018

I have no idea.  It all depends on how you want to interpret the chart.  Here’s NUGT – Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares NYSE + BATS: As you can see, there are four important bottoms so far this year: February 9 at $21.42 March 1 at $21.25 (which is worrisome, because it is […]

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I Hope You Are Not Following My Advice

March 24, 2018

For the last two weeks I’ve been telling you that QQQ looks good. Oops. A 10% drop in two weeks is probably not the result we were hoping for. Apparently there’s a bunch of stuff happening in the world, and it’s bad, something about Trump, and China, and Omnibus, and other stuff, so the market […]

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Gold not exciting, but QQQ looks good

March 17, 2018

A chart of NUGT – Direxion Daily Gold Miners Bull 3x Shares NYSE + BATS , a 3 times leveraged ETF of gold shares, is not a particularly encouraging site: It is in an obvious downtrend from 2016 (and before). There appears to be a solid base around $22, if that is any consolation. Perhaps NUGT will […]

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QQQ: The Trade of the Year

March 10, 2018

So if you wanted to roll the dice and put all of your money in one trade, right now, what would it be? QQQ PowerShares QQQ Nasdaq GM Yup, bet it all on the Nasdaq. Why? Because we had the big correction (so this was a fantastic buy last month at $150), and on Friday […]

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Everyone is getting into Blockchain

March 3, 2018

So here’s an interesting press release: Lucara Diamond Announces Acquistion of Clara Diamond Solutions Corporation.  From the press release: Lucara Diamond Corp. (“Lucara” or the “Company”) (TSX:LUC)(BOTSWANA:LUC)(NASDAQ OMX Stockholm:LUC) wishes to announce the acquisition of Clara Diamond Solutions Corp. (“Clara”), a company whose primary asset is a secure, digital sales platform that will transform how […]

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Nasdaq Set to Pop

February 24, 2018

I’m on the road today, so my report will be very brief: Take a look at the chart of the Nasdaq, and tell me if you don’t think it’s about to pop. We have not had the blow off top phase of this market yet, and after the correction of two weeks ago, it appears […]

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Time to Go All In?

February 17, 2018

Last week I said that after the big sell off this looks like a buying opportunity.  Today, I still think it looks like a buying opportunity. Why? Ignoring all of the technical indicators, the answer is the same as it’s been for the last 9 years.  Politicians want the market to go up, so they […]

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Looks Like a Buying Opportunity

February 10, 2018

Nice two weeks on the markets, eh?  The DOW touched 23,360 on Friday, pulling it all the way back to where it was on November 20, 2017.  The “crash” has wiped out all of the gains over the last two and a half months. Is two and a half months of crash really a crash?  […]

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Dow Falls 666, But That’s Not The Real Story

February 3, 2018

The Dow is down.  Could be a story. The memo got released.  That could be a story. Or perhaps those are just minor details.  Perhaps there is a bigger story. So a guy named Nunes writes a memo, and the Democrats don’t want it released, but the Republicans do, so they vote to release it, […]

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