Thank You Tesla

April 6, 2019

Way to go, Elon. The stock was being pumped up ahead of production numbers, which were disastrous, causing a drop from a high of $296 on Wednesday to a low of almost $260 on Thursday.  Nice. My play was simple.  I hold puts, and on up days I buy more.  So, for example, if I […]

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Nothing to Report

March 30, 2019

I’ll save you some time today: I have nothing new to report, so there’s no point in continuing to read this rambling post. Tesla had a “good” week, bouncing from below $260 on Monday to close at almost $280 on Friday.  It could conceivably hit $295 this week, but as the chart shows, the trend […]

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Tesla: The End

March 23, 2019

Okay, perhaps it’s not exactly the end, but what do you see in this chart? A company on the rise? I see a company that is going in the wrong direction, fast.  Once Tesla hits $250 per share, which it may do as soon as this week (it’s dropped $10 in the last week), even […]

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3 Charts

March 16, 2019

Let’s start with Tesla, shall we? Tesla has strong support just above $240, and strong resistance at just under $390.  So, the question is, which resistance level gets tested first?  I’m betting it’s the lower one, and I will not be at all shocked if $240 is broken soon. If Tesla made gas cars I […]

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Update on Tesla and Pot Stocks

March 9, 2019

Today we discuss pot stocks, and a stock that is going to pot: Tesla. The chart seems clear to me.  From a high of $370 in December, Tesla touched $270 this week.  It does not take a charting expert to realize that a series of lower highs and lower lows is a down trend, Technically […]

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Tesla on the brink?

March 2, 2019

For those of us who held Tesla puts, Friday was a good day. After hitting $321 at the beginning of February, it touched $288 on February 26, bounced back to $320 on February 28, and then closed back in on $292 on March 1. Why? Fraud Boy Elon said that they would start selling a […]

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Yes, I’m Still Here

February 23, 2019

For the first time in a decade I missed posting last week.  I was very busy, and totally forgot.  Also, I had nothing to say. This week, I have three things to say: First, it is obvious that the DOW is at a critical resistance level. The pre-Christmas crash has been completely reversed, and over […]

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February 9, 2019

Not much happened this week.  January was a great month, February has started with nothing remarkable to report. A quiet period can be followed by a bang, or a whimper. My guess is that we are catching our breath before another run higher.  Seems crazy given our level of debt, but that’s how this feels […]

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The Verdict on January: Great!

February 2, 2019

No complaints from this end; the weather was frigid at the end of the month, but portfolio performance was fantastic. Pot stocks: up Gold stocks: up Sweet. Does January action imply that 2019 will be a great year?  No.  All we know is that January was good.  Gold is far below it’s highs from a […]

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Great week for pot stocks

January 26, 2019

On Monday January 21, my favorite pot stock, TGOD.TO – The Green Organic Dutchman, traded as low as $2.80.  On Friday it traded as high as $3.85.  That’s a swing of over 35% in a week.  Not bad. They have announced a new joint venture. (Not that kind of joint; I’m not making puns here; […]

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