Buffett Buys Gold

August 15, 2020

Well, that was an interesting article yesterday: Did Buffett Just Bet Against The US? Berkshire Buys Barrick Gold, Dumps Goldman It appears, according to Berkshire Hathaway’s 13F filing, (and use this link, not the one from the article), bout 20,918,701 shares of ABX.TO – Barrick Gold Corp in the quarter ended June 30, 2020.  On […]

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Sure Looks Like This is Just the Beginning for Gold

August 8, 2020

Gold traded at $869 at the beginning of January, 1980.  It did not touch that level again until December, 2007.  27 years to make a new high. On March 3, 2008 gold topped at $1,033, and didn’t see that level again until August of 2009, a year and a half later.  But then, after that […]

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Quite a week, eh?

August 1, 2020

Gold has done it; reaching a new, all time high.  For someone who is heavily invested in gold stocks, I’m quite pleased with that development.  My portfolio is looking great. So, now what? It would be unusual for gold to make a new all time high, after trying for nine years, and then crash.  That’s […]

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Gold: New High or Double Top

July 25, 2020

For the first time since 2011, the price of an ounce of gold, in U.S. dollars, closed above $1,900. The chart is very clear.  In August and September, 2011, gold traded marginally above $1,900 per ounce, and that was it, as gold entered a correction phase for the next nine years.  The bottom arrived in […]

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Gold: New High Imminent?

July 18, 2020

Last week I discussed deflation, so how is it that this week I’m discussing a potential new high in gold?  Doesn’t gold do well when inflation is running wild? Yes, but apparently gold is on a nice run during these deflationary times as well. The peak around $1,923 was hit at the beginning of September, […]

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Deflation – How Should We Invest?

July 11, 2020

In the month of May 2020, in Canada, the Consumer Price Index fell 0.4% on a year over year basis.  That’s negative inflation. That’s deflation. That’s not a surprise. There is high unemployment, so based on the law of supply and demand, companies need fewer employees, so that pushes wages down.  Companies are selling less […]

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Silly Season

July 4, 2020

Sell in May and Go Away used to be a thing. This year it’s “Just Keep Buying” Tesla, a company that has never made an annual profit, was trading around $400 at the start of the year, and around $400 again after the crash in March, and is now trading at $1,208.  Does it make […]

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Take Your Pick

June 27, 2020

We all know the story. The markets were humming along, everything appeared to be great, we hit new highs in February. Then came the Big Bad Virus, and down we went, hitting a bottom on March 23.  Then, when it appeared the world would not end, the market recovered into the first week of June, […]

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Now we know

June 13, 2020

Last week I asked the question: New highs, or a correction first? Well, I guess we now know the answer, eh? I see no point in over-thinking this.  We are living in artificial times.  Markets go up and down.  Volatility is the new reality. So, if your stock shoots up for no good reason, sell […]

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Dog Days of Summer Already?

June 12, 2020

The markets appear to be just floating along.  Like ZEB: New highs before the crash, then the crash, then a big recovery, and now it has settled in to a range between $24 and $25. The hot summer weather is here, the economy is gradually re-opening so normal humans are spending whatever time they can […]

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